Phoenix Publishing and Media Group is one of the largest publishing groups in China. Its subsidiary, Phoenix Publishing and Media Inc., was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2011. The group includes nine publishing houses, seven publishing companies, and printing facilities. The group published 21,583 titles in 2015, including 9,401 new titles and 12,182 reprints, and maintains a staff of 13,103.

Phoenix Publishing & Media Group was founded in 2001 as Jiangsu Publishing Group. The group changed its name in 2004.

Phoenix was fully listed in this ranking for the first time in 2015, as respective detailed and authoritative information was made available by the group for this ranking through cooperation with the Chinese independent publishing industry news service BookDao.

Analysis & Key Developments


In fiscal year 2015, Phoenix Publishing & Media Group’s total revenue reached 17.9 billion CNY, an increase of 1.67% over 2014. Net profits decreased by 9.75% from the previous year, to 1.313 billion CNY.


Phoenix Publishing & Media Group launched its English website at the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) in August 2015, as part of its mission to become an international publisher.

The group opened the UK subsidiary PPM International (London) Ltd. in July 2016. A Namibia-based African subsidiary, Phoenix Welwitschia Printing Ltd, was officially opened in May 2015 by the governor of the Jiangsu Province. Phoenix International Publications (PIP) Ltd reported a revenue of 599 million CNY and a consolidated profit of 34 million CNY.


Phoenix’s revenue from digital accounted for 840 million CNY in 2015, against 610 million CNY in the previous year.

Phoenix Group is accelerating its pace to digitally transform its educational publishing business under the Phoenix Smart Education initiative, an agreement with the Jiangsu Provincial Education Authority to digitize its publishing, printing, and distribution system through the China Cloud Publishing & Printing Platform (CCPP).

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