Square One Publishers, best known for publishing nonfiction books in such areas as alternative medicine, is dipping its toe into the fiction market. The company has acquired the rights to five novels by James Misko, a mix of four previously published titles plus one new book.

Rudy Shur, Square One's publisher, had earlier published Misko’s How to Finance Any Real Estate, Any Place, Any Time and the author kept in touch with Shur by sending copies of his novels (published by Misko's own Northwest Ventures Press). Shur was particularly impressed by Misko’s most recent work, As All My Fathers Were, released earlier this year.

When Misko decided he wanted to devote his time to writing full-time, he struck a deal with Shur to take over the publication of the titles..

Shur described Misko’s novels as "drawing upon the rugged spirit of independent men and women who live in rural America, where people forge their lives in the spirit of adventure."

As All My Fathers Were and the three other books released by Northwest Venture Press will be available from Square One starting November 1. The new book in the deal, The Path of the Wind, will be published in February 2017.

Shur said the acquisition of Misko's novels marks his house's start with publishing fiction. "We aim to expand our presence in this category based on what we feel are the necessities of good writing: a solid storytelling style, clever and exciting plot construction, and a fullness of voice and vision."