St. Martin's Press has announced the imminent launch of a new, as-yet-untitled imprint, which will publish books about political and current affairs. Adam Bellow, former v-p and executive editor at HarperCollins and director of Broadside Books, will lead the line as editorial director, effective October 24.

While the imprint will publish books across the political spectrum, it will endeavor to discover a new generation of conservative voices, SMP said. The imprint, in addition to releasing titles acquired by Bellow (who has worked on books by politicians and pundits including Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Dinesh D'Souza, and Charles Murray), will also publish books bought by other editors at SMP.

“Left and right no longer even speak to one another, let alone debate each other’s books," Bellow said in a statement. "This imprint will seek to revive the culture of intelligent debate, both within the right and between right and left, creating a sense of openness and ferment that will attract the most original and interesting writers and build community through a sense of shared mission and purpose.”

The imprint is one of two SMP has announced over the past week, and only the second new imprint created by the publisher in the past 17 years.