As part of its plans for its 25th anniversary celebration this year, the New Press will publish three books this May that will examine the recently-concluded presidential election and what likely lies ahead for the country under the Trump administration, according to publisher Ellen Adler.

All three books, which are being released under an accelerated schedule, are edited collections being published with the tagline “Fearless Books for Perilous Times,” which is also the theme of New Press’s anniversary.

The first book is Wolf Whistle Politics: The New Misogyny in Public Life Today, which will include an introduction by Naomi Wolf. Included are pieces by Rebecca Traister, Sarah Leonard, Susan Chira, Gail Collins, Rhon Manigault-Bryant, Katha Pollitt, Wendy Davis, and Kirsten West Savali.

The second title, Rules for Resistance: Advice from Around the World in the Age of Trump, will feature an introduction by David Cole, the national legal director of the ACLU. It will be co-edited by Cole and Melanie Wachtell Stinnett.

The third volume is How Do I Explain This to the Kids? Parenting in the Age of Trump, which is edited by child psychologist Dr. Ava Siegler. The book’s title, and subject, comes from the question asked on election night by CNN commentator Van Jones. The book includes pieces by a range of writers on how to talk to children of varying ages about how to conduct themselves following the election of a man some consider a bully.

"In the wake of the 2016 election we can't think of a better way to respond to these remarkably scary and perilous political times -- and to mark The New Press's twenty-fifth anniversary -- than by publishing these "fearless" books," said Adler. "We expect they will make a meaningful contribution to the national conversation and will find a wide and appreciative audience among booksellers and readers alike."

Each book will have a first printing of 25,000 copies and will be released in trade paperback.