Kensington Publishing editor-in-chief John Scognamiglio has been given his own imprint at the publishing company. John Scognamiglio Books will release four to six hardcovers per year starting in January 2018. Scognamiglio has been editor-in-chief of Kensington since 2005 and will continue in that role.

The new imprint will focus on “high quality commercial fiction” that Scognamiglio wants to “shine an extra spotlight on,” Kensington said. The first scheduled books include: The Last Suppers by Mandy Mikulencakdue, out next January, and This I Know by Eldonna Edwards, set for next May.

In announcing the new imprint, Kensington CEO Steven Zacharius said: “We’re so pleased to offer John his own imprint. For him to curate and shape his own list will give readers a special opportunity to be introduced to wonderful stories and discover new authors.”