In September, Minotaur will launch Minotaur Signature Editions, a line of classic Minotaur mysteries and thrillers by bestselling authors, as well as U.S. debuts from overseas sensations, all priced at $9.99.

The program is designed to attract readers of all stripes to Minotaur's best books. PW sat down with Minotaur publisher Andrew Martin and associate publisher and editorial director Kelley Ragland to discuss their plans for the program.

Why did you start Minotaur Signature Editions?

Andrew Martin: Minotaur has a diverse list of authors, many with deep backlists; we were brainstorming ideas to use this depth and diversity as a selling point, an advantage we can offer readers. We know of nothing more exciting than discovering new writers—we wanted to create that experience for as many readers as possible, with popular authors whom we know have a vast library to offer.

How are you selecting which books to include?

Kelley Ragland: We're picking books that are great introductions to authors and series, that grab the reader in that most satisfying way, so that you look forward to immersing yourself in the author's body of work. We want to offer a variety of crime and suspense to appeal to all types of readers—mystery, thriller, and literary fans. Part of the goal of the program is to tempt a reader to pick up something they wouldn't have otherwise tried.

AM: We're excited to get feedback from booksellers and readers—their input will help inform how the program takes shape as we move forward.

Are you pricing books at $9.99 to compete with—or follow the model of—the prevalent value pricing of e-books?

AM: We're conscious of e-book pricing, and yes, we're keen to support bookstores with a competitive advantage to help them garner new mystery fans.

What kinds of publicity and marketing plans and resources do you have for the series?

KR: We'll have a website where both retailers and consumers will be able to see what Signature Editions is bringing out, we'll target mystery and thriller fans through Facebook and other online advertising, and we'll post a piece about each book on Macmillan's popular native site, Criminal Element. Plus, authors wrote original pieces for us to include in each edition, and they'll also help us get the word out about the program via their own social platforms.

More titles from the Minotaur backlist will be added each season, always for $9.99 each. To learn more visit

Sworn to Silence
Linda Castillo

Beautiful Blue Death
Charles Finch

The Poacher's Son
Paul Doiron

The Brutal Telling
Louise Penny

The Tourist
Olen Steinhauer

Ragnar Jonasson

One Dog Night
David Rosenfelt

Murder at the Brightwell
Ashley Weaver