Maya Mavjee, president and publisher of the Crown Publishing Group, has announced the formation of a new imprint, Currency. The imprint will be led by Tina Constable and, according to Mavjee “will be a nonfiction imprint dedicated to publishing both narrative-driven and practical books by thought leaders across a range of creative disciplines to help us navigate and succeed in an uncertain and rapidly evolving world.”

The imprint’s areas of editorial focus, Mavjee said, will encompass business; economics and finance; and individual, organizational, and societal transformation and growth. As part of its launch, the Crown Business imprint will be retired, and books currently under development will appear under the Currency banner. The first Currency titles are expected to be released this fall, and Crown is still determining how many books it will do on an annual basis.

Among the authors to be published by Currency are Eric Ries, whose new book, The Startup Way, will be published this fall; Beth Comstock, vice chair of General Electric; LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman; organizational psychologist Tasha Eurich; and Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani.

In addition to leading this new imprint, Constable will maintain her existing responsibilities, with her title now being senior v-p and publisher of Currency, Forum, Convergent, and Waterbrook Multnomah.

Continuing as Constable's direct reports are Campbell Wharton, associate publisher; Roger Scholl, v-p and executive editor; Talia Krohn, executive editor; Mary Reynics, executive Editor; and Derek Reed, editor. All will help launch and build the Currency publishing program, and Reynics and Reed will now actively acquire titles for Currency, in addition to maintaining their existing and parallel editorial roles for the Crown Forum and Convergent imprints.

Megan Perritt, publicity director, and Ayelet Gruenspecht, marketing director, will continue to lead their respective support teams, working across the Currency, Forum, and Convergent lists.