Macmillan Publishers will be leaving its long-time offices in New York's Chelsea neighborhood in 2019. The publisher, which currently occupies all the office space in New York's iconic Flatiron Building, has signed a 20-year lease at 120 Broadway, called the "Equitable Building," in lower Manhattan.

"We are delighted to be moving to 120 Broadway," Andrew Weber, COO of Macmillan, said in a statement. "The move will be great for our people and our planned growth, and the architectural heritage of 120 Broadway means we will be moving from one of New York City's great iconic buildings to another." In moving to lower Manhattan, Macmillan will follow HarperCollins and Abrams who have moved south in search of new offices.

St. Martin's was the first Macmillan division to move to the Flatiron Building and over the years other divisions followed. The building was completed in 1902 and with its unique shape is one of the most photographed buildings in New York. As the Flatiron's sole tenant, Macmillan has become associated with the skyscraper to the point where Bob Miller chose to call his new imprint Flatiron Books when he joined Macmillan in 2013.

St. Martin's publisher and president Sally Richardson, who has an office on the 18th floor in the north-facing point of the building, noted that "everyone" used the Flatiron to take pictures. Not only do tourists take pictures of the exterior of the building, but visiting publishers still "rush to my window to take a picture," Richardson said.

Macmillan will relocate in early 2019 to a space of 261,000 sq. ft., enough space to put all of Macmillan's companies under one roof. Other inhabitants of the building include American Lawyer Media, Beyer Blinder Belle, SIFMA, Strategies for Wealth, and the Alliance for Downtown New York.