Albin Michel is one of France’s leading literary and educational publishers, and has been honored by the country’s highest literary awards. The company was founded in 1901 by Albin Michel, grandfather of current president, and publisher Francis Esménard. Albin Michel’s imprints include Les editions Albin Michel, the educational group Magnard-Vuibert (with Delagrave, De Boeck Supérieur and Librairie des Ecoles). Albin Michel also holds a 40% share of Le Livre de Poche, while Hachette holds 60%.

Albin Michel’s authors include Amélie Nothomb, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Katherine Pancol, Pierre Lemaître (prix Goncourt 2013), Jean Christophe Grangé, Maxime Chattam, and Didier Van Cauvelaert. International authors include Mary Higgins Clark, Stephen King, and Thomas Harris.

Albin Michel Group releases 850-900 new titles per year, and has a backlist of more than 6,000. The company employed 525 people in 2015.

Analysis & Key Developments


Les Editions Albin Michel does not release any financial information other than the figures included in the chart.

Company Developments

In 2014, Albin Michel acquired seven bookstores from the defunct book chain Chapitre in Paris and several provincial cities.

In 2015, Albin Michel acquired the university press De Boeck Supérieur.

Albin Michel holds a 40% stake in the distributor LGF/Le Livre de poche (controlled by Hachette), and a 30% stake in the health publisher Jouvence as of 2015.

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