Haufe-Lexware is a German media group operating in business, law, and tax. The company was founded as Rudolf Haufe Verlag in 1934 in Berlin and now includes Haufe-Lexware, Haufe Akademie, Haufe-Lexware Real Estate, Verlag für Controlling Wissen (51% stake), and Smartsteuer and Schäffer-Poeschel since 2013. The group is primarily a software and online content provider, and the majority of its revenue comes from digital sales.

Analysis & Key Developments


Haufe does not release any financial information except annual turnover. In fiscal 2016 (ending on June 30, 2016), the company saw a growth of 13 million EUR (up 4%) in revenues over previous years, amounting to 304.5 million EUR, thanks to a continuing strong development in digital segments. The company’s revenues also contain the turnover of information service provider LSL and Semigator, an online platform for training and seminars.

The Haufe-Lexware group closed fiscal 2015 with revenues jumping from 266 million EUR in 2014 to 292 million EUR. Group revenues continued to grow thanks to new digital services and the early implementation of a digital strategy. As of now, 95% of corporate revenue come from digital solutions.

Internal Organization

In May 2017 Haufe announced the renaming of the Literatur-Service Leipzig (LSL) GmbH, an intranet purchasing platform which has been part of the Haufe Group since 2011, into Haufe Discovery. LSL products are integrated into the product portfolio of Haufe, a brand of the Haufe Group. With the change of the name, the Haufe Group is continuing its course to an integrated solution provider.

In October 2016 The Haufe Group and FIO SYSTEMS AG, a provider of web-based industry solutions for the financial and real estate sectors, announced the launch of Haufe-FIO axera. Under the new brand, the two companies are offering web-based ERP solutions.

In 2016 Haufe-Lexware and DATEV, a Nuremberg located software solutions and information technology provider, launched their new and open service-interface DATEVconnect online.

In August 2014, Haufe-Lexware and Wolters Kluwer’s imprint Akademische Arbeitsgemeinschaft partnered to update the latest edition of Haufe-Lexware‘s tax filing software.

During 2013 Haufe acquired the Stuttgart-based publishing house Schäffer-Poesche, which is specialized in legal, economy and taxes. Haufe annually invests 16-20 million EUR in new technologies and solution providers.


In early 2014, Haufe opened a new office in San Francisco (Silicon Valley) to roll out their products for the US market.


Digital revenues accounted for 95% of all sales at the company in 2016. Products included online services for HR managers, accounting apps for independent contractors, and internet portals for tax experts. “The digital revolution is just beginning and will radically change our business,“ said CEO Markus Reithwiesner.

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