Informa is a professional information provider with 100 offices in 25 countries. The company focuses on academic and professional publishing as well as informational events.

The group’s five segments are Academic Publishing, Business Intelligence, Global Events, Knowledge and Networking and Global Support. The results surveyed for this ranking include the academic and business divisions, while the event organization and conference businesses are excluded.

Informa's Academic Publishing Division produces peer reviewed books and journals for upper level university students, researchers and academic institutions worldwide. Subject areas include Humanities & Social Sciences and Science, Technology & Medicine, with a list of more than 120,000 books and 2,400 journals. The division operates as the Taylor & Francis Group and has five main imprints: Taylor & Francis, Routledge, CRC Press, Garland Science and Cogent OA.

The Business Intelligence division provides specialist data-driven intelligence and insight to professionals in niche communities. It has over 100 digital subscription products including Lloyd’s List, Citeline, Scrip and Ovum, catering to five vertical markets: Agribusiness, Finance, Maritime, Pharma, and Telecoms, Media & Technology.

Analysis & Key Developments


In fiscal 2016 Informa’s group revenues increased by 1.6% organic growth to 1.3 billion GBP (1.2 billion GBP in 2015), “slightly shy” of fiscal targets according to Stephen A. Carter Chief Executive. Adjusted operating profit increased by 13.8% to 416 million GBP.

In 2016, the Academic Publishing contributed 36% of the group’s revenue. The division delivered a consistent operating performance, with revenues of 490 million GBP and reported revenue growth of 9.6%. The division experienced good growth in journals balanced by continued softness in books, particularly in the US.

In 2016, the Business Intelligence division returned after six years to positive growth. During the year revenue accounted for 290 million GBP compared to 277 million GBP. Year-on-year progress in organic growth, from -1.9% in 2015 to +1.1% in 2016, was driven by a steady recovery in subscription renewal rates. The division contributed 22% to the Informa group revenue.

Internal Organization

Academic Publishing division CEO Roger Horton will retire in 2017. His successor was expected to take up the position by the end of the first half of 2017.

In February 2016 Informa’s Business Intelligence Division announced a rebranding of its products and services. The five new brand identities are Agribusiness Intelligence, Financial Intelligence, Maritime Intelligence, Pharma Intelligence and TMT Intelligence, plus a destination site for the division’s professional services clients operating across multiple sectors.


In May 2017 Taylor & Francis (Academic Publishing Division) partnered with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The cooperation ensures that all Taylor & Francis journals are evaluated and indexed on the CAS platform GoOA, providing greater access for Chinese researchers.


In November 2016 Informa completed the acquisition of Penton Information Services. The purchase strengthens the company’s Global Exhibitions and Business Intelligence divisions and expands Informa’s presence in the United States.


Revenues by region include 146 million GBP from the UK, 628 million GBP from North America, 214 million GBP from Europe and 362 million GBP in the rest of the world. Forty-three percent of revenues came the United States during 2016.


During 2016, 25% of the Academic book sales were e-books. All of the division’s front-list titles are available digitally, as well as over 70% (and growing) of the backlist. The new digital portal Overleaf was launched in 2016, with over 8 million projects, authors from 3,600 institutions and more than 2,400 templates.

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