McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings, LLC (MHGE) is a learning science company focused on higher education, professional learning and information markets both in the US and internationally with content, tools and services delivered via digital, print and hybrid solutions. MHGE distributes products in nearly 60 languages across 154 countries to post-secondary students, instructors, professionals and institutions.

McGraw-Hill School Education Holdings (MHSE) headquartered in Columbus, OH, is a provider of digital, print and hybrid instructional materials, as well as assessment products and services.

MHSE and its larger sister company MHGE, with which MHSE shares services arrangements, were acquired by funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management, LLC in March 2013 for a combined 2.4 billion USD.

In 2016, McGraw-Hill Education announced preparations for an IPO in the second half of the year, but the launch was put of.

Analysis & Key Developments


McGraw-Hill Global Education is controlled by McGraw-Hill Education Intermediate Holdings, a company formed in March 2013 when Apollo Global Management, the private equity firm that acquired McGraw-Hill Education in early 2013, divided the global education segment from the school education group. Therefore, revenue from the school group is not included in results from MHGE.

For 2016, revenue declined to 1.8 billion USD, with a net loss of 116 million USD (compared to a loss of 175 million USD in the previous year). These figures emerged iwith new financial datat included in an S-1 filing to the US SEC in June 2016 as a “preliminary prospectus” for McGraw-Hill’s pending IPO in the second half of 2016.

These numbers differ vary significantly from the previous annual report for fiscal 2015, which had recorded revenues of 1.3 billion USD (against 1.3 million USD restated for 2014), when revenues from K-12 materials were not included.


MHE claims to have been able to develop a unified approach to digital, with significant investment directed at adaptive learning, worth 170 million USD in 2016 (up from 90 million USD in 2012).

MHE’s solutions and platforms include Connect, an open learning environment launched in 2014 for the higher education market allowing instructors to integrate digital content into their programs (with 3 million paid activations in 2015), ALEKS, an adaptive learning product for math, science and other subjects in the K-12 market (with 1.7 million paid activations), and LEARNSMART, an adaptive learning program that personalizes learning and designs targeted study paths for students.

Overall, digital sales were 401 million USD in 2014 and accounted for 31% of total sales up from 27% in 2013. According to MGHE, the professional group generated 43% of its revenue from “digital solutions” which included digital sales through 19 subscription services.

Since its introduction in May 2013, more than 450 SmartBook titles have been developed for the Higher Education market.

“We are continuing to invest in creating and delivering the technologies that harness the science of learning to enhance student outcomes and support instructors and classes. We are combining high-quality content and software to create personalized learning that's been proven to be effective," said David Levin, president and CEO of McGraw-Hill Education.

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