Prosveshcheniye, which literally translates as “Enlightenment,” is a leading Russian education company and partner of the Russian education system. For almost 90 years Prosveshcheniye's professional team of researchers, teachers, authors, artists and editors has been serving the national education system.

Prosveshcheniye offers integrated educational solutions including traditional textbooks, e-learning tools, modern education technologies as well as “turnkey” infrastructure for education. The company builds on age-old education traditions to develop the learning process through complex, innovative solutions.

Prosveshcheniye is actively investing in technology, employees and the education system, and sells the best products on the market. The company’s solutions are available in almost every school in the country, and offers the products and services to teachers, children, and their parents.

Nowadays, the company actively digitizes its business and expands its presence in the corresponding education market segment.

Analysis & Key Developments


In an overall shrinking Russian publishing market, Prosveshchenie could maintain is total revenue level in recent years.

In July 2017, confirmed media reports announced that Arkady Rothenberg sold his investment in the company to the DPK Investment Fund, which reportedly held 50% of the company’s shares, and is registered in the Cayman Islands. Rothenberg is said to have been serving as Chairman of Prosveshchenie since 2014, holding 25% of the group’s shares.


In 2015, the corporate name of the parent company was changed from Olma Media Group LTD to Prosveshcheniye Holdings Limited. JSC OLMA MEDIA Gr merged with JSC Prosveshchenie.

In 2016, JSC Prosveshchenie was re-instated as the official group name.

In 2016 the number of titles released by the group was 2,140 with a total print run of 79 million, up from 1,873 and 68 million in 2015.

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