Globe Pequot, Rowman & Littlefield’s trade group, is wrapping up its 70th year of publishing by naming a new publisher, Judith Schnell, to succeed Jim Childs following his retirement earlier this fall. Schnell is the publisher of three Globe Pequot imprints: Stackpole Books (which is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year), Down East Books (which is celebrating 50 years of publishing), and Two Dot.

Founded in Essex, Ct., in 1947, Globe Pequot releases more than 400 books per year, in a publishing program focused on regional interests, history, lifestyle, and local culture and folklore. Originally named after the local native people, the Pequot (“Globe” was added to the name after the publisher was acquired by the Boston Globe in 1981), the company remains in Connecticut and is now based in Guilford.

Jed Lyons, CEO of Rowman & Littlefield, said sales at GP have been around $21 million per year “for the past few years.” He added, “We seek to occupy niches such as angling and military history by offering a wide selection of books both narrow and broad, for newbies as well as experts.”

The flagship Globe Pequot list focuses on topics in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions. The Stackpole Books imprint specializes in military history and fishing titles, Down East Books concentrates on books on Maine, and Two Dot Books focuses on the Rocky Mountain region. GP’s other major imprints are Taylor Trade Publishing and Lone Star Books, both focused on Texas; the Falcon Guides imprint, which does regional hiking titles; and Lyons Press, which publishes general fiction and nonfiction books. “Texas and Maine are great publishing states,” Lyons said. “The people want to know to know everything about their history, their food, everything.”

Growth areas, Lyons noted, include the aforementioned subjects of Texas and Maine, in addition to hiking and fishing, subjects on which GP imprints publish hundreds of titles. Lyons also cited the addition of new titles to Globe Pequot Press’s Discovering Vintage series, which highlights quirky landmarks in cities around the country.

“Our game plan is to be the largest regional publisher in the industry,” Lyons said of Globe Pequot. To achieve that goal, a number of the more than 40 houses R&L has acquired over the years are aligned under Globe Pequot. “We’re always looking at different companies to acquire,” Lyons added. “Our trade group has grown by focusing on regional markets and niches where others are less engaged.” To spur organic growth, Globe Pequot has partnered with national brands and media outlets such as the Active Interest Media, History Channel, and Outside magazine to develop books based on their subject areas.

“It’s all about relationships, long-standing relationships,” Lyons said. “We’re not a flash in the pan.”