Two new books with a negative take on Donald Trump's presidency, David Frum's Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic (Harper) and David Cay Johnston's It's Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America (Simon & Schuster), have seen demand increase on Amazon following the fray surrounding Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury (Henry Holt).

As of January 11, Trumpocracy was listed as Amazon's #1 bestseller in its "Fascism" category, while It's Even Worse Than It Looks was the #1 new release among "Political Conservatism and Liberalism" books. The latter's selling rank was 41 in books overall, while the former landed at 693.

Both publishers have already gone back to press on the titles, which hit shelves on January 16. Neither publisher is pushing up the publication date of their book, like Holt did for Fire and Fury, but Johnston's book will release with a 30,000-copy first printing and a 5,000-copy second printing. Harper confirmed that 50,000 copies of Frum's book have been printed in total, to date.

"We’ve definitely seen increased interest," Cary Goldstein, v-p and executive director of publicity and senior editor at S&S, told PW. "In some ways Johnston’s book is a complement to Wolff’s," he said. "The White House is a mess, yes, but that’s more or less the very thesis of It’s Even Worse Than You Think, that Trump’s circus antics have distracted us from focusing on the very real policies and perversions of governing that could adversely affect us for decades, even as they benefit the president and his friends. Two insidious sides of the proverbial coin."

Frum, a senior editor at the Atlantic, is a Canadian-American conservative political commentator and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush. Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist, has become something of a Trump expert, having covered his business dealings since the late 1980s while covering Atlantic City casinos for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He published another Trump-focused book, The Making of Donald Trump, with Melville House Publishing last year.