Boosted by a combination of White House backlash and frenzied media coverage, demand for Michael Wolff's White House tell-all, Fire and Fury, caught its publisher off guard. Henry Holt, which has been scrambling to get copies of the book to retailers and libraries, announced Friday morning that it has shipped more than 700,000 copies of the book. The Macmillan imprint added that it has over 1.4 million copies of the title on order.

Holt said Fire and Fury is experiencing historic levels of demand across all formats.

Originally slated for publication January 9, the book, which is he an account of the chaotic early months of the Trump administration, was rushed to market on January 5. The bump came after White House lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter to Macmillan in an attempt to halt the book's publication. The publisher rejected attempts to stop the book.

Macmillan Publishers president Don Weisberg said in a release: “The magnitude of demand for Fire and Fury was so unprecedented that we felt the only thing to do was break from our planned publication date, which Macmillan has never done in our memory, and make this book available as soon as possible to accounts and readers.”