Maria Pallante has kept a relatively low public profile since taking over as president and CEO of the Association of American Publishers last January, but the organization’s January newsletter gives an indication of some of the things she has been working on.

In a note to members, Pallante said that the AAP has been "focused on questions of governance and strategic direction, working to ensure that we are strongly positioned for the future.” To that end, the AAP’s board has crafted a new mission statement, which they adopted on Nov. 2, 2017. The statement reads:

“The Association of American Publishers represents the leading book, journal, and education publishers in the United States on matters of law and policy, advocating for outcomes that incentivize the publication of creative expression, professional content, and learning solutions. As essential participants in local markets and the global economy, our members invest in and inspire the exchange of ideas, transforming the world we live in one word at a time.”

The new mission statement suggests a new direction for AAP, one that will be more driven by public policy issues.

In a separate note to the heads of houses, Pallante commented on the current cultural and political climate. “Not unlike the publishing industry, this is a time of great transformation for AAP and I am personally very excited by the work we are undertaking and the future.”

The AAP has also consolidated much of its staff in its Washington, D.C., headquarters, after not renewing office leases in New York City and Philadelphia.