Kerry McCluggage, a former TV executive and IDW board member, has been named CEO of IDW Media Holdings, succeeding IDW founder and longtime CEO Ted Adams. Adams is stepping down and will take a sabbatical before returning to the company in a new creative role.

McCluggage joined the IDW board of directors in September 2017 and he is expected to continue the growth of IDW’s TV and film production business. A former chairman of Paramount Television and former president of Universal Television, he is credited with growing Paramount from $700 million in revenue to more than $3.2 billion. Since 2002 he has served as president of Craftsman Films, an independent TV/film production company.

IDW Media Holdings includes IDW Publishing, IDW Games, and IDW Entertainment, which produces TV and films based on IDW properties, IDW Publishing is one of the largest independent comics and graphic novel publishers in the US. The company has a number of popular shows among them, Wynona Earp, Dirk Gently and Lock & Key.

Adams is credited with growing IDW Media from a small, private firm into a publicly traded company with sales of more than $60 million. However, IDW showed a loss in fiscal 2017.

Adams said: "I’m excited to see where Kerry takes the company I’ve been building for the last 20 years. I have complete confidence that the company will continue to build upon its current trajectory. I leave him with very dedicated and smart teams across all three of our divisions.”