Effective January 1, Nation Books will be known as Bold Type Books.

For 18 years, Nation Books has been a joint project of the Nation Institute and Hachette Book Group. The former is also changing its name, to Type Media Center.

Nation Books specializes in topical nonfiction work, and has published titles by such authors as Ibram X. Kendi (author of the National Book Award-winner Stamped from the Beginning), Jeremy Scahill (Blackwater and Dirty Wars), and Nomi Prins (Collusion and All the Presidents’ Bankers).

According to the announcement from Taya Kitman, executive director of the Nation Institute, and Katy O’Donnell, senior editor of Nation Books, the name Bold Type Books “communicates our commitment to amplify cultural and political discourse, to engender positive social change, and to challenge conventional narratives.”

The first title that will have Bold Type Books on its spine will be the paperback edition of Darnell Moore’s No Ashes in the Fire (on sale in February 2019). The first frontlist Bold Type Books title will be How We Fight White Supremacy by Akiba Solomon and Kenrya Rankin, set for release in March 2019. Backlist titles and e-books will be rebranded throughout the calendar year 2019.