If the Mueller Report is made public, at least one publisher is preparing to release its content within one to three weeks after it gets access to the documents.

Skyhorse Publishing, which has published several government reports in book form, has a team in place to release the book as a trade paperback as quickly as possible. A cover has already been designed, and the publisher has commissioned attorney Alan Dershowitz to write the introduction. Last year, Skyhorse published Dershowitz’s The Case Against Impeaching Trump.

Skyhorse president Tony Lyons said he is taking a page from Herman Graf, now an acquiring editor at Skyhorse, who published the transcripts of the Watergate tapes over 40 years ago as his first title from Herman Graf Associates; he did a first printing of 350,000 copies, and had orders of 500,000. “We know that making the Mueller Report instantly available will be both a public service and good business,” Lyons said.

Bill Wolfshal, Skyhorse v-p and executive director of sales and marketing, said the company is prepared to do a book as big as 960 pages, but is also capable of doing a much smaller version if the government releases a modified version of the full report.

Skyhorse also has some early promotional copy written. It pits Trump’s assertion that the Mueller investigation is merely a “witch hunt” against the sterling reputation of the lifelong Republican Robert Mueller, and also references the immense interest the media has shown in covering the investigation.

“Read the results of the most important political investigation since Watergate,” the copy reads. “The Mueller Report is required reading for everyone with interest in American politics, for every 2016 and 2020 voter, and every American."

This piece has been updated with further information.