Independent book publisher Rowman & Littlefield has acquired the publishing imprints of Finney Company, a 73 year-old publishing house based just outside Minneapolis, Minn. The deal will close April 1.

The acquisition includes nearly 400 nonfiction titles produced by 12 Finney Company imprints, among them Astragal Press, Finney Career, Anacus Press, and Windward Publishing.

Finney Company president, Alan Krysan, said, “Selling our publishing business to Rowman & Littlefield allows these titles to prosper and reach new audiences along with providing a long-term home for our authors. The Finney Company is also looking at options for its book distribution and blackboard/communications businesses."

The Finney Company imprints are focused on titles that offer lifelong learning opportunities in such categories as career and technical education, early tools and trades (such as blacksmithing), outdoor recreation and the environment, Florida wildlife, regional history and children’s books.

The acquisition of Finney Company is latest addition of a regional publishing house by Rowman & Littlefield and it also follows the purchase last week of McBooks Press.

Jed Lyons, CEO of Rowman & Littlefield, said, “The Finney Company under Al Krysan developed a gold mine of evergreen titles in small niche areas ignored by larger publishers. Great Outdoors Publishing Company has been a leading publisher of books on Florida since 1913. It will be a perfect fit for our recently acquired Pineapple Press.”