Tom Doherty Associates has announced the creation of a new horror imprint, Nightfire, which will release its first list in early 2021.

TDA president and publisher Fritz Foy will be the publisher of the new imprint, and the company will hire a dedicated editorial staff and add supplemental staff in marketing and publicity. According to the company, Nightfire editors will acquire titles across the breadth of the genre­—from short story collections to novellas and novels, from standalone works to series, from dark fantasy to the supernatural, from originals to reprints of lost modern classics. Nightfire will publish 20 to 24 titles annually.

In addition to publishing books across the usual formats, TDA said Nightfire’s offerings will include podcasts, graphic novels, and other media. Foy added that the popularity of horror in other media was a key reason for starting the imprint.

“There is a new generation of horror fans who are setting weekend genre box office records, who are bingeing streaming episodic TV, subscribing to weekly chat and drama-based podcasts, and purchasing more graphic novels,” Foy said in a statement. “More importantly, there are new literary voices we want to bring to our reading communities and followers.”