Hachette Book Group is launching a new nonfiction imprint, under its Hachette Books division, that will publish in a variety of categories, including health, inspiration, food, psychology, self-help, and work.

Called Hachette Go, the new imprint will release its first titles next March, with authors on the inaugural list including Al Roker, Gina DeVee (a business coach), and Atlantic staff writer Olga Kazhan. The mission of Hachette Go, the publisher said, is to publish books "that will help readers change their lives for the better."

Mary Ann Naples, v-p and publisher of Hachette Books, will oversee the new imprint. Other members of the Hachette Books team will be acquiring books for both Hachette Go and Hachette Books. Hachette Go will also encompass all books that had been previously designated Da Capo Lifelong titles. With the changes, Da Capo Press titles will now be published as Hachette Books.

Last November, Hachette Book absorbed Da Capo and Da Capo Lifelong Learning. According to associate publisher at Hachette Books, Michelle Aielli, Hachette Go reflects the streamlining of the Da Capo and Hachette Books imprints. “The idea behind launching Hachette Go is to create a specific, dedicated home for authors and books of this nature, and to grow a bold, exciting, and ultimately helpful and useful list of books that can help readers change their lives in the most effective ways,” she said.

Hachette Go is expected to relase about 30 titles in 2020, and then 30-35 titles annually once it is fully ramped up. Overall, Hachette Books and Hachette Go will combine to do about 75-80 frontlist titles per year.