Quercus US, the U.S. arm of the U.K.-based publisher, is being rebranded as Mobius. The unit will publish titles from across all Hachette UK lists in the U.S., beginning with books from Hodder, Headline, John Murray Press, and Quercus.

Quercus was purchased by Hodder & Stoughton, the Hachette UK imprint, in 2014. The rebranding is the biggest change to hit Quercus US since former publisher Nathaniel Marunas left the company last year.

Books on the Mobius list will maintain their originating publisher imprint and the Mobius name and logo will be used to identify the list, the publisher said, adding that the new name is inspired by the geometric shape called the Mobius strip. "Just as this shape is a surface with one side and one boundary that appears multidimensional, our imprint is one unified entity across the US../Canada and the U.K., but our expert marketing and PR team allow us to execute a dynamic, multifaceted campaign for all titles," the publisher's statement read.

Giuliana Caranante, the newly-appointed marketing and publicity director for the outfit, said: “we are thrilled to be diving into this new chapter under a new name. This change reflects our long-standing goal of being the exemplary U.S. publisher for U.K.-based titles, and we are looking forward to growing our imprint and expanding our title list in the coming months."