The New York Times Book Review will now include excerpts in a select number of reviews it publishes digitally.

Effective this month, three to four reviews selected by Review editors will include an excerpt from the reviewed book's opening chapter. Readers, the Times said, will be able to "click on a link at the top of the review and seamlessly toggle back and forth from the excerpt back to the review." The excerpts are a digital-only feature.

“We know that readers often want to read from the book itself before making a decision about whether or not to read or buy a book,” Pamela Paul, editor of the Review, said in a statement. “Offering these excerpts to readers of the Book Review will give them the opportunity to dip into the book and get a sense of the writer’s voice and style.”

The review of Kate Walbert's novel She Was Like That, which ran October 1, was the first to feature the excerpts. More reviews with excerpts included will roll out beginning in November.