In a letter to Penguin Random House employees worldwide, PRH CEO Markus Dohle outlined how the publisher plans to address the challenges the company faces coping with the global spread of the new coronavirus.

“The geographic nature of the spread of the virus means we won’t adopt a one-size fits all approach for all our offices worldwide,” he said. PRH, he said, has set up “localized coronavirus task forces that are constantly monitoring the situation in their country of operation and regularly meeting to determine how best to keep all of you healthy and safe.”

Dohle explained that he is also meeting with executives of Bertelsmann, PRH’s parent company, to collaborate and “align our approach.” The task forces, he said, “have quickly and actively mobilized on the ground and fully embody our spirit of thinking globally to mutually share knowledge and advice, and implementing those plans locally."

“We are currently facing unprecedented and uncertain times,” Dohle wrote, “but what’s clear and consistent is that we will continue to be guided by our core values and principles, priority among them maintaining the health and well-being of our employees.”

Dohle continued: “Though books are not a panacea for what the world is going through, we hope that our stories can provide a small escape and some comfort for our readers, and of course for each of us, too.

“Our highest priority continues to be you and your families and safeguarding your health. Please be well, stay safe and healthy, and rest assured that we are a global community of colleagues who care about one another, always—and especially—in times like these.”