Trade associations and other organizations have stepped up to provide information and resources to help those in the book publishing industry navigate their way through the disruptions and challenges caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Below is an overview of what a number of groups are doing.

American Booksellers Association •

The ABA is hosting a page providing event updates and resources for booksellers on its website, in addition to maintaining a public list of bookstores that are open, closed, or operating in limited capacity during the crisis.

American Library Association •

A Covid-19 response page on the ALA’s website collects information and resources for librarians and lists the content that its members are offering free of charge or at reduced costs.

Association of American Publishers •

A page on the AAP’s website catalogues the actions publishers across all sectors are taking to help the public and their partners during the crisis.

Authors Guild •

The guild’s website is collecting news and information covering the collective response to Covid-19 by the government, publishers, and the author community. It also has a page directing authors to sources of economic relief.

Authors League Fund •

The fund collects and distributes donations to professional authors, journalists, poets, and dramatists in financial need. It is providing updates on resources for writers struggling with loss of income due to Covid-19.

Book Industry Charitable Foundation •

Binc has created a page on its website with information and resources for booksellers, and it continues to collect and distribute donations to independent bookstores as part of its normal activities and in conjunction with James Patterson and the #SaveIndieBookstores campaign.

Book Industry Study Group •

BISG recently conducted a survey on the book publishing supply chain during the Covid-19 pandemic as part of its continuing work to create a more informed, empowered, and efficient industry.

The Book Manufacturers’ Institute •

BMI has created a new public-facing website,, to provide a forum for all book industry members to discuss issues. The site also gives updates on manufacturing operations.

Community of Literary Magazines and Presses •

A page on CLMP’s website lists resources available to publishers and other literary stakeholders to help them cope with the Covid-19 outbreak, as well as the resources its members are offering to writers and the public.

Independent Book Publisher Association •

IBPA is hosting a page on its website rounding up resources for independent publisher members and is accepting suggestions for resources, which can be sent by members to CEO Angela Bole.

Independent Publishing Caucus •

A page on the IPC website provides a guide to financial relief resources for members and suggestions for how members can support booksellers.

PEN America •

PEN America has relaunched its Writers’ Emergency Fund, a streamlined way of getting cash to published writers who face acute financial need, and dedicated it to supporting writers affected by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Poets & Writers •

In addition to maintaining lists of resources for writers and cancellations and postponements of writing retreats and contests, P&W has established the Poets & Writers Covid-19 Relief Fund to provide emergency assistance to writers having difficulty meeting their basic needs due to the pandemic.

PubWest •

PubWest has petitioned Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to encourage his company to provide relief to the publishing industry during the crisis and is holding a weekly strategy roundtable focused on helping small and medium-size publishers cope with the dramatic changes in the business environment.