Skyhorse has set a September 8 publication date for Michael Cohen’s Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump. Skyhorse publisher Tony Lyons acquired world rights from Cohen, who was Trump's lawyer for more than a decade. Skyhorse describes Cohen as “once Donald Trump’s fiercest surrogate, closest confidante, and staunchest defender” who “knows where the skeletons are buried. “

Indeed, in the foreword on his website, Cohen writes: “I know where the skeletons are buried because I was the one who buried them." In the foreword, Cohen says Trump had colluded with the Russians, "but not in the sophisticated ways imagined by his detractors. I also knew that the Mueller investigation was not a witch hunt. Trump had cheated in the election, with Russian connivance, as you will discover in these pages, because doing anything—and I mean anything—to ‘win’ has always been his business model and way of life. Trump had also continued to pursue a major real estate deal in Moscow during the campaign. He attempted to insinuate himself into the world of President Vladimir Putin and his coterie of corrupt billionaire oligarchs. I know because I personally ran that deal and kept Trump and his children closely informed of all updates.”

Lyons called Disloyal an incredibly important book that will mesmerize readers from beginning to end. "Once you start reading it, it’s impossible to put down," he said. "What emerges in these pages will be discussed for years to come.”

The White House had attempted to prevent Cohen from writing the book, most blatantly when it had him returned to prison after he had been moved to house arrest. Cohen was released from prison this summer, with a judge ruling that being remanded into custody was done in retaliation for writing the book.

Skyhorse said it has set a 500,000 copy first printing.