Publishers Weekly has reached an agreement with East View Information Services for East View to distribute the Publishers Weekly Digital Archive.

The archive is composed of 7,500 past issues of Publishers Weekly, with more than 650,000 fully searchable pages. In addition to the news articles and features, the archive hosts 5,000 author interviews, bestseller lists beginning in 1895, and 435,000 book reviews beginning in the 1940s.

Each archived issue also includes all advertising that appeared in the magazine. Pages may be saved as PDF files and, when necessary, corrected with the Wiki-style widget.

"East View Information Services is the right distribution partner to bring the Publishers Weekly Digital Archive to a worldwide stage—thereby fulfilling my long-held vision of making Publishers Weekly's rich chronicle of the publishing world a vibrant resource for all," said George Slowik Jr., president and owner of PWxyz, parent company of PW. "East View is deeply respected in the academic and library markets, where the PW Digital Archive can best serve scholars and students of American and international publishing, popular culture, history, literature, and the politics of publishing.”

“The Publishers Weekly Digital Archive offers rich, interdisciplinary insight into 150 years of American publishing history, the careers of canonical authors, public education, and literary tastes. Long the go-to resource for the $25-billion U.S. book publishing industry, this influential periodical sits at the intersection of commerce, culture, and intellectual development,” said Kent D. Lee, East View president and CEO. “East View is privileged to expand access to this exhaustive online archive, particularly at this time when access to original print collections is limited.”

The agreement includes exclusive distribution worldwide, with Saudi Arabia as the sole nonexclusive, shared territory.

Requests for demonstrations of the archive are available here.