Sandorf Passage, a new independent nonprofit publishing house, has launched, with its first titles due to be published in 2021. Initially, the company is focusing on publishing translations and books from writers from Europe.

Sandorf Passage is being run by Buzz Poole, former editor at Mark Batty Publisher and managing director of Black Balloon Publishing who lives in Maine, in collaboration with Ivan Sršen, founder of Sandorf, the Croatia-based publisher that has focused on publishing books by writers from the former Yugoslavia.

The company's mission statement declares: "Sandorf Passage publishes work borne from displacement and movement that creates a prismatic perspective on what it means to live in a globalized world. It is a home to writing inspired by both conflict zones and the dangers of complacency."

The first two titles being published in March will be the novels From Nowhere to Nowhere by Bekim Sejranović, translated from Croatian by Will Firth, and The President Shop by Vesna Maric (written in English). The next two books, scheduled for April publication, will be Journey to Russia, an early 20th century travelogue by Miroslav Krleža, translated from Croatian by Will Firth, and a collection of In a Sentimental Mood by Ivana Bodrožic, translated from Croatian by Ellen Elias-Bursac and Damir Šodan,

IPG is handling distribution in both North America and Europe.