Post Hill Press has added another imprint, announcing the launch of Wicked Son, which will focus on Jewish history, philosophy and fiction from authors in the U.S., Israel, and Europe. The imprint will be headed by Adam Bellow and David S. Bernstein, and books by Israeli authors will be acquired by David Hazony, an independent editor based in Tel Aviv.

Bellow first teamed up with Post Hill, run by Anthony Ziccardi, in November 2019 to publish books in a range of subjects. In explaining the mission of Post Hill, Bellow noted, “The Wicked Son is everyone’s favorite character in the Passover Haggadah, and it is easy to see why. He is irreverent, witty and sly, and while he reserves the right to evaluate Jewish tradition by his own lights. Wicked Son will embody this contrarian spirit by publishing books that grapple with big questions, advance unconventional views, and promote greater Jewish engagement with history, culture, and ideas.” Post Hill also said the Wicked Son will publish relevant non-Jewish voices.

Wicked Son has already released a handful of titles, among them The Night Archer and Other Stories by historian and diplomat Michael Oren; Holocaust Holiday: One Family’s Descent into Genocide Memory Hell by Shmuley Boteach; and Isaac’s Beacon, a novel of Israel’s founding by David L. Robbins. A dozen titles are planned for 2021.