Several changes to leadership have been made at Penguin Random House imprint Viking Penguin.

Patrick Nolan has been promoted to publisher of Penguin Books. Nolan, who will report to Brian Tart, president and publisher of Viking Penguin, will continue to acquire for his own editorial list as well as supervise reprints of the imprint's 2,500 or so backlist titles, focusing on production, scheduling, packaging, sales coordination and further opportunities, according to the company.

Andrea Schulz, editor-in-chief of Viking, will now be the editor-in-chief of Viking and Penguin Books. She will be in charge of all the acquisitions across both imprints and will continue reporting toTart.

Meg Leder has been promoted to editorial director of Penguin Life, the wellness and lifestyle imprint at Viking Penguin launched last year. Leder will continue to acquire books for Viking and Penguin. Her editorial team includes Amy Sun, who has been promoted to editor, and editor Margaux Weisman. The editors at Viking and Penguin Books will also contribute books to the Penguin Life list. Leder will report to Tart.

In other moves, Gretchen Schmid has been promoted to associate editor and will continue to work with Viking Penguin senior editor Georgia Bodnar. Nidhi Pugalia has been promoted to assistant editor and will continue to work with Andrea Schulz and Emily Wunderlich.