Mango Publishing Group, which topped PW's fast-growing publishers list in 2019 and 2020, has entered a copublishing agreement with the Italian children's and illustrated books publisher White Star. Mango will acquire exclusive rights to publish certain White Star books in English, while White Star will acquire identical rights to translate and sell a selection of Mango books in Italian, German, and French.

The venture, the publishers said, will launch next year with 12 titles. Titles Mango will acquire from White Star include Beginner's Guide to Photography, by Italian photographer Iago Corazza, and two bestselling children’s books, My First Book of Mindfulness and 100% Baby Animals. Titles White Star will acquire from Mango include FlavCity’s 5 Ingredient Meals, Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide by Canadian television show creator J.J. Johnson, and The Basics of Bitcoins.

“We think our partnership with White Star will quickly demonstrate the advantages of breaking down borders in publishing, resulting in better outcomes for both publishers,” Mango Publishing Group CEO Chris McKenney said in a statement. “As independent publishers it’s important for us to work together to go after big publishing opportunities, share best practices and expand our international reach.”