As part of its ongoing efforts to integrate Workman Publishing into its operations, Hachette Book Group has announced its plans to meld the HBG and Workman sales and subsidiary rights teams. Announced changes include Workman employees joining the HBG sales teams, new roles for HBG staff, and annual departmental promotions. The announcement was made by Alison Lazarus, HBG’s executive v-p and group sales director, this week, and the new reporting lines will begin effective March 14.

Firstly, Jodi Weiss will join the HBG sales team as v-p of sales strategy and business development and Workman liaison. At sales operation, analytics, and client services, James Wehrle is joining the team as executive director of sales operations,Amy Callahan is being promoted to senior coordinator of sales analytics.

On the digital and online team, Barbara Slavin is being promoted to executive director of digital business development and sales, and Katharina Gadow will join the digital and online sales team as national accounts manager. Fantasia Brown is being promoted to digital accounts representative, and Gabriella Rubino will join the team as sales assistant.

A number of changes are also coming to the publisher's retail sales teams. Allison Stewart will join the children's sales team as sales assistant, and on the chain sales team, Caitlin Kleinschmidt will join the team as senior national accounts manager and Workman backlist liaison; Meg Miguelino is being promoted to senior national accounts manager and HBG backlist liaison; and Genesis Quijije is being promoted to senior coordinator.

On the trade wholesale and academic and library marketing team, Julie Hernandez will lead in her new role as executive director of trade wholesale and academic and library marketing, and Melissa Nicholas is being promoted to senior director of library and academic marketing. Reporting to Nicholas from Workman will be Annie Mazes, senior manager of library and academic marketing focusing on adult titles, and Caitlin Rubinstein, senior manager of children’s library sales and marketing. Also reporting to Nicholas will be Alyson Powers, manager of academic marketing. Assisting the group will be Yesenia Corporan, sales coordinator, reporting directly to Hernandez.

In field sales and account marketing, Liz Hunter will join the team as associate director of field sales. Christian Westermann will join as associate manager of field sales and account marketing. Joanna Host is being promoted to manager of conference and event planning, and Nancy Kriz is being promoted to senior sales liaison.

International, Canada, and Special Markets

With the addition of the Workman special markets team, HBG is creating three new channel-focused special markets groups, with each team lead reporting to Maritza Lumpris, v-p of international, Canada, and special markets. All three teams will sell Workman, HBG, and client books to their channels.

Sara High will join from Workman to lead the international sales team, and is being promoted to senior director of international sales, reporting to Lumpris. Reporting to High from Workman will be Erika Tucker, senior manager; Becky O’Malley, associate director of U.K. sales and marketing; and Kelsie Puskas, sales assistant. From HBG, Tracy Williams, director, will also report to High. Jennifer Gray, senior manager, and Luis Salomon-Rodriguez, who is being promoted to senior coordinator, will continue to report to Williams.

On the Canada sales team, Leah Collins Lipsett is being promoted to national account manager, Angela Gatti is being promoted to marketing and operations coordinator, and Amy Ngo has joined the department as marketing assistant.

Sharon Huerta will become executive director of the special sales, educational sales, and specialty wholesale group. Reporting to Huerta will be from HBG: Barbara Blasucci, account manager; Morgan Amer, account manager; and Destiny Marie Roman, sales coordinator, and from Workman: Elizabeth Drooby, assistant manager; Amy Carey, account manager, and Cynthia Ramirez, sales coordinator.

Adelia Kalyvas is being promoted and will join as executive director of the gift and specialty retail sales group. Alexis Kuzma is being promoted to senior manager for gift sales and will report to Adelia. Also reporting to Adelia from HBG will be Frankie Johnson, account manager, and from Workman: Valerie Alfred, senior account manager; Mary Rose Amoresano who is being promoted to account manager; Amanda German, assistant manager; Marisol Caballero, sales support specialist, and Jean Vargas, sales coordinator.

Jenny Mandel will join as executive director of the premium, author sales, and new markets group. Reporting to Mandel from HBG will be Carol Meadows, director of premium and author sales. Reporting to Mandel from Workman are Emily Krasner, director of premium and proprietary sales; Suzanne Bullet and Tina Parent, account managers for specialty retail; and Julia Fontana, sales assistant.

Subsidiary Rights

Kendra Poster, from Workman, will join the subsidiary rights team as director, reporting to Nancy Wiese, v-p of subsidiary rights. Allison Huggins, senior manager, will continue to report to Poster. Amber Hoover is being promoted to senior director and will continue to report to Wiese. Newly reporting to Hoover from Workman will be Maribeth Casey, director of subsidiary rights for Storey & Timber. In addition, Laura Piasio is being promoted to subsidiary rights and permissions manager; Zoe Morgan-Weinman is being promoted to coordinator; and Emma Albright will join the team as assistant