In two emails last evening, Macmillan Publishers US once again said that due to a “security incident, which involves the encryption of certain files on our network” the publisher will close its virtual and physical offices through today, June 28. On Monday, the company first reported the incident, noting that to prevent further damage to its network, it took all of its systems offline.

The email from Macmillan’s corporate office did not offer much detail on the impact of the shutdown, noting only that “customers, employees, and other third-party partners may notice that certain systems are unavailable” while Macmillan works to restore its network. But an email from the Macmillan field sales team to its customers last evening said that, while the publisher is making progress in returning its systems, it is not able to “process, receive, place, or ship orders.”

The email said that Macmillan “will provide you an update no later than Wednesday, June 29, 2022. We are sorry these circumstances continue and are working as quickly as possible to resolve the situation.”