Foursquare users can now check in at locations mentioned in some Simon & Schuster books and get information from those books. The publisher announced Simon & Schuster on Foursquare this week, which enables the social networking site’s five million-plus users to get tips from a selection of S&S titles when they check in at a Foursquare location. Users can learn more about the real-life places they visit, including facts about historic landmarks, sports, health, politics, and more.

Among the tips from S&S on Foursquare are where to find the best cannoli in Brooklyn Story author Suzanne Corso’s New York neighborhood, information on Monticello from National Book Award winner Carlos Eire, and trivia about the Lincoln Memorial from The Gettysburg Address, a version of which S&S publishes.

The company ran a promotion at its New York headquarters on Monday, where Foursquare users that checked-in at the Simon & Schuster building received a free copy of the new thriller Gideon’s War by Howard Gordon.