A year-old social networking and digital distribution platform that aims to bring writers and agents together has created a contest to find “the next big crime fiction blockbuster.” Circalit, launched in February 2010 as a place for screenwriters to showcase their work to studios, began inviting novelists, playwrights, and short story writers to post their work in July 2010. Based in the U.K., the site is welcoming writers from around the world to submit entries to the contest at circalit.com.

The contest is one of many Circalit holds, wherein it forms a relationship with an organization or agency which will then consider taking on the top contenders for representation. Previous contests have sought short and feature screenplays, short stories, and novels. Winners of the latest contest will be considered for representation by the London agency A.P. Watt.

Anyone can read entries to the contest and vote for their favorites. Literary agency A.P. Watt will then read the top submissions and consider representing them. It is free to enter the competition; however, writers must create a Circalit account (which is also free) in order to submit their work for consideration.

Raoul Tawadey came up with the idea to start Circalit while working at a production studio, writing script coverage reports. The site has grown into a place where film writers, playwrights, and fiction writers can post their work, have it reviewed by peers and professionals, create a fan base, make industry contacts, market their work, apply for writing jobs, and enter free writing competitions.

Tawadey said, “There is a wealth of literary talent across the globe, only a fraction of which gets the recognition it deserves. Crowd-sourcing is a great way for the publishing industry to find literature that already has a proven readership. We hope this competition will give talented new writers the opportunity to get their work noticed and demonstrate the power of the internet to create a global talent pool.”