At a breakfast Thursday morning The New York Times unveiled its new e-book bestsellers that will appear in print in its February 13 edition. The list is broken into fiction and nonfiction and the Times is adding a combined print and e-book bestsellers list as well. Topping fiction in the hardcover, e-book and combined lists is Tick Tock, while Unbroken rules in nonfiction on all three lists. Further down, however combining print and e-books has scrambled some of the rankings.

The Inner Circle, for example, number 3 on the print hardcover fiction list, tumbles to the 10th spot on the combined list as the e-book edition is only in the 15th spot. In nonfiction, The Next Decade, #3 on the hardcover list, dropped to 7th on the combined list with the e-book edition landing in the 17th position.

Benefitting from the inclusion of e-books on the combined list was __My Dad Says, which was #11 on the combined list, 14th on the print hardcover list and fifth on the e-book list. The combined list, which includes all print formats plus e-books, resulted in a couple of Harlequin mass market titles hitting the fiction list with Marrying Daisy Bellamy landing at #8 and Wild Man Creek at #12; Bellamy was 18th in e-books, while Wild Man was 24th. Water for Elephants, the #1 fiction trade paperback on the February 13 list, is #5 on the combined fiction list and on the fiction e-book list.

Unlike its print rankings which it says are statistically weighted to reflect nationwide sales, the Times said its e-book sales rankings are not weighted "until the industry is more settled."