In Monday’s issue of the magazine, there’s a piece on the viability of distribution in Canada and the government’s supporting role of the industry in light of the Fenn bankruptcy. There’s an item on three tongue-in-cheek websites that recently impressed publishers enough to make the jump to print, as well as a story on “playing fair” in mystery novels. We look at the “quiet revolution” taking place at venerable comics publisher Archie Comics, and at the University of Nebraska Press’s Bison Books. Cory Doctorow is back with his “With a Little Help” column, and in Retailing, Marc Jacobs adds bookselling and publishing to its empire. A feature on the global market for cookbooks explains what qualities make cookbooks attractive to readers outside the U.S. Also, Dan Ozzi writes a piece on award-winning Washington Post book critic Ron Charles’s creative, entertaining video book reviews and their runaway success; and there is a profile of Meghan O’Rourke, author of The Long Goodbye.