Last week, The Literary Press Group of Canada, which provides sales and marketing for 47 small publishers in Canada, was reeling from the news that the Canadian government had cut funding for its sales force. As a result, the sales staff would have to be laid off and LPG would have to restructure. But yesterday, word came that the Minister of Canadian Heritage had overturned the decision to cut the funding.

LPG is still waiting for official confirmation, but staff received verbal notice Thursday that the funding would be restored.

“We are grateful for the overwhelming public support we received from Canadian readers, writers, publishers, and industry colleagues,” said LPG chair Karen Green. “We remain grateful for the support that the Department of Canadian Heritage has provided for this endeavour since 1992," adde LPG executive director Jack Illingworth. "This government’s commitment to the arts rings through best when everyday Canadians are prepared to step forward and demonstrate how much the arts mean to them.”

LPG will help its publisher clients bring about 200 titles to market this fall.

LPG's distribution affliate, LitDistCo, was not affected by the cut, and its operations continue.