Bloomsbury, with its new Just Great Reads promotion, is running what it is calling the "first ever" global marketing campaign targeted expressly at readers who favor devices. The push, which begins on Christmas day and runs for three weeks, will feature banner ads on newspapers and Web sites that cater to English-language readers. The ads, running on Web sites ranging from the New York Times and The Guardian to Pinterest and Facebook, will, Bloomsbury said, have "IP detection" so readers can purchase books in whatever country they reside.

The campaign will be selling all titles to which Bloomsbury holds either the global (or world English) rights. Kathleen Farr, group sales and marketing director at Bloomsbury, said the promotion allows the house to "target consumers demographically, to promote our World English titles in a campaign that whilst segmented by territory, runs across global advertising and social media sites." Among the 65 books included in the campaign are Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidental, Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and William Boyd's Restless.