O’Reilly Media and Publishers Weekly will hold the first Author {R}evolution Day February 12 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. Below is a discussion with co-chair Kristen McLean on what attendees can expect at the day-long event

What is Author (R)evolution Day?

Author (R)evolution Day is a one-day, one track conference that we created with Publishers Weekly and Tools of Change that brings together writers, content creators, agents, publishers, innovators, and visionaries to explore the evolving role of authors in the publishing future.

The idea for the event came out of conversations about making sure that the kinds of ideas we were dealing with at TOC—important conversations about the future of publishing—were making it over the fence to the people who needed it most: the authors and creators.

Why did you get involved with Author (R)evolution Day?

For quite awhile, I’ve been convinced that the digital revolution was going to radically affect the relationship between publishers and authors at the top of the publishing value chain.

On one hand, new tools are making book production & distribution super accessible—something that used to be unattainable without the expertise of a traditional publisher. At the same time, new patterns of communication are making it possible to collect and speak directly to an audience like never before.

This opens up tremendous possibilities for authors, but it also creates lots of confusion as both publishers and authors grapple with this new reality. What is the role of a publisher in this new environment? Where do other people like editors, agents, and publicists fit? And how does it alter the rules & requirements for becoming a “successful author”?

The technology is developing faster than our business strategies, especially for the authors who are being asked to redefine their roles almost overnight.

The #ARDay project offered an exciting opportunity to bring creators and innovators together to discuss these important ideas & share emerging best practices in an industry-neutral way.

What do you think sets Author (R)evolution Day apart from other author events?

For the last few conference cycles, we’ve been talking about the same things over and over—tips & tricks for social media, how to self-publish, the mechanics of e-book production, and the latest technology platforms. And unfortunately, these discussions typically take place in publisher-centric venues where core issues of authorship are barely discussed.

Author (R)evolution Day puts the content creator in the center of the discussion and takes up a wide range of the deeper issues behind the mechanics of change.

What is the future business model for authors? What role will agents, publishers, and alternative platforms play in this transition? What fundamental business skills will authors need to cultivate in addition to great writing? What is the blueprint for success?

Most importantly, how can we give content creators access to the best information to create a professionally empowered authorship, regardless of how they choose to publish?

Who do you expect to see in the room next Tuesday?

I expect a very exciting mix of entrepreneurial authors, forward-thinking agents & editors, staff from publishing houses, and technologists & designers from a wide range of companies.

What’s has been the most exciting aspect of putting ARD together?

The conversations that are already in process among panelists and attendees. The ideas that are flying around are very exciting. I can’t wait to get everyone in the same room to see what happens.

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Kristen McLean is a book futurist, consumer zoologist, and idea omnivore. She is also the founder & CEO of Bookigee, a Miami-based company that develops groundbreaking tools and innovative analytics to help the $28 billion book publishing industry meet the digital future. Additionally, she is the co-chair of O’Reilly Media’s first Author (R)evolution Day happening on 2/12 at TOC 2013. When Kristen isn’t building her company or speaking about the future of publishing, she’s on the prowl for great coffee and interesting conversation.