In a promotional event timed to coincide with the global release of Margaret Atwood’s new novel MaddAdam, her publisher, Doubleday, is teaming with Wattpad, the online writing community, to release an exclusive essay about the development of the book as well as excerpts from Oryx and Crake and The Year of The Flood, the other novels in the dystopian trilogy of which it is a part. The acclaimed Canadian novelist is a longtime fan of Wattpad and has published a variety of material on the site.

Atwood will publish an essay on Wattpad about MaddAdam that will give “behind the scenes glimpses into her inspiration for the series,” and also “mixes her famous wit with an earnest exploation of the increasingly blurry line between speculative fiction and fact,” said Nazia Khan, Wattpad communications manager.

Judy Jacoby, advertising director at Doubleday, said Doubleday plans to bring more authors into the Wattpad community. “Wattpad is such a welcoming and highly engaged community of readers. With its millions of users from all over the globe, we truly believe it’s the perfect place for us to get our writers in front of an even larger audience.”