HarperCollins has started what it is calling the HarperCollins Promotional Fund (HCPF), a program which will provide additional funds to independent retailers to help them market the publisher's books.

The new fund was established at the beginning of HC’s fiscal year which started July 1. According to the company, qualifying accounts that promote HC books throughout the year will have access to additional funds to support marketing efforts. The program is designed to simplify the co-op process and promote creative merchandizing of HC authors. Under the initiative, the funds are allocated based on a percentage of the previous year’s net sales. Working with their HarperCollins rep, accounts can devise a plan to promote HC adult and children’s titles monthly, the house explained.

“We highly value the growing channel of Independent booksellers and recognize them as trusted partners in helping us connect our authors with their readers,” said Josh Marwell, president of sales for HC. “We know that Indies play a huge but sometimes under-valued role in local communities, and we want to support their extraordinary efforts in building buzz around books.” The fund is not limited to indie stores, but HC said it believes this program presents a great opportunity to support the types of marketing and promotion that work best for the Indies.

With the new program, all co-op and promotional funds will be paid out on a quarterly basis, and booksellers will not need to eliminate submit claim forms. For additional information, booksellers should contact their HC sales rep.