Penguin Random House is expanding its former websites Biographile and Word & Film with Signature, a book recommendation-driven website that aims to tie current events with books released by the publisher and other houses.

Featuring essays, interviews, opinion, and illustrated pieces by authors, journalists, and experts, Signature focuses on six main areas: news, culture, issues, interviews, books, and writing. Examples of articles on Signature include 5 Books to Better Understand the Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan, as well as Sundance 2016 By the Books.

Kristin Fritz, Signature director, said the company hopes the new website can bridge the gap between readers and authors. “Whether the headlines of tomorrow are consumed by a financial crisis, a blockbuster movie, a scientific breakthrough, or an election, there are books steeped in those subjects to further our understanding of it all," she said in a prepared statement.