In another move to help its subscribers find books they may want to read, Scribd has launched Snapshots.

According to the company, Snapshots are designed to offer Scribd’s original take about nonfiction titles. Trip Adler, CEO of Scribd, said Snapshot are not reviews, but are short pieces (both in print and audio formats) that will inform readers about a book. “We are trying to drive more discoverability of the books we offer and to get people reading more,” Adler said.

Scribd started a beta test of the program earlier this year and made Snapshots live today. To date, there are over 500 Snapshots available on the subscription service and Adler said the company is adding about 40 per week. The existing Snapshots have been read more than 20,000 times. Adler said the vast majority of readers who have used Snapshot said it has been useful in helping them determine if they want to read (or listen to the audio) of a book.