For any author or publisher, finding a book’s niche within the crowded publishing market can be challenging. That’s where Storiad, a full-suite DIY book marketing platform launched in 2017, comes in. According to Ramzi S. Hajj, CEO and founder of Storiad, the company operates on the premise that “every book has a market.”

“The challenge for marketers is to find and communicate with those people most likely to want to read, review, recommend, and buy each book,” Hajj says. “We offer the opportunity to build and manage comprehensive, tailor-made book marketing campaigns conveniently, affordably, and for a sustained period of time.”

Storiad offers a step-by-step software platform to personalize marketing plans that deliver results, plus the training and support needed to increase book sales via a single self-service platform.

For the independent publisher with limited staff, Storiad’s software slots seamlessly into the existing workflow. “Storiad enables small publishers to motivate their authors to assume a greater role in promoting their titles,” Hajj says. “Since authors are invariably the most passionate and knowledgeable advocates of their own books, it makes strong business sense for small publishers to leverage their authors’ enthusiasm and commitment.”

And for indie authors, Storiad addresses all the business needs of their self-publishing enterprise, empowering authors to define and reach their target readership and boost book sales. “Most authors know they need to be proactive with their book marketing,” he says, “but often, they are not quite sure what they need to do or how to go about doing it.”

“We offer consistent expert training and support on Storiad’s software,” Hajj says, “giving authors and small publishers the power to get their books discovered, reviewed, and ultimately purchased.”

Storiad delivers a one-stop shop for authors’ marketing plans, including a database of more than 41,000 publishing industry insiders, such as book reviewers, bloggers, journalists, book clubs, and much more—something every publisher and author needs. “Storiad’s platform allows its users to easily communicate with book influencers in different markets,” Hajj says, “to help their books be discovered by the right readers.”

“Everything we do at Storiad starts with one question: what else can we do to help authors sell more books?” Hajj says. “With that as a guiding principle, we strive to develop a network of professional relationships and partnerships with individuals and companies that can be reliable resources for our customers.”

Storiad stands apart from other book marketing platforms because of the comprehensiveness and familiarity of its software offerings. “Now authors can productively promote their backlist, current, and upcoming titles all from one place, at one very affordable price,” Hajj says. “There is truly nothing out in the book world like what we've built here at Storiad.”

With an MBA in economics from the University of Chicago and prior experience at Ernst & Young, Hajj says, “When authors and small publishers have control over the discoverability and financial fate of their books, good things happen. The result is a better understanding of how books fit into the market, leading to a substantial increase in book sales.”

Software and Support

Storiad’s software helps writers and publishers by integrating the tools they need to achieve their book marketing goals. In addition to being able to organize backlist, current, and forthcoming titles within a single portfolio, authors gain access to:

  1. Marketing and publicity campaign organizer

  2. Marketing plan creation

  3. Unlimited digital media kits

  4. Publicity contacts database of 41,000+ records

  5. Email integration

  6. Live video events

  7. Title P&L calculator

  8. Book worth and royalty calculators

  9. Learning management system

  10. Networking platform

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