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VeggieTales Values to Grow By adds The Case of the Lost Temper, a Lesson in Self-Control Book (Aug., $9.99; ISBN 978-1-60587-261-2); Hats Off to Lyle, a Lesson in Forgiveness Book (Aug., $9.99; ISBN 978-1-60587-263-6); The Spaghetti Western, a Lesson in Showing Mercy Book (Aug., $9.99; ISBN 978-1-60587-264-3); The Clumsiest Cowboy, a Lesson in Showing Compassion Book (Aug., $9.99; ISBN 978-1-60587-262-9); ages 4-8.

365 Daystarter Devos for Girls/365 Daystarter Devos for Boys (Aug., $6.99; ISBN 978-1-60587-266-7 (Girls)/ ISBN 978-1-60587-265-0 (Boys); ages 9-12.

Concordia Publishing House

Moses, God's Chosen Leader: Drawn Directly from the Bible by Edward A. Engelbrecht and Gail E. Pawlitz (July, paper; $6.99; ISBN 978-0-7586-1909-9) tells the story of Moses, who was chosen by God to lead the people of Israel out of slavery into the Promised Land; ages 3-up.

The Christmas Story: Drawn Directly from the Bible by Edward A. Engelbrecht and Gail E. Pawlitz (July, $13.99; ISBN 978-0-7586-1908-2) adapts biblical accounts from the angel's surprise announcement to the journey of the wise men to worship Jesus; ages 3-up.


Arch Books adds Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac by Joanne Bader (July, paper; $2.49; ISBN 978-0-7586-2580-9); Jesus Teaches Us Not to Worry by Julie Stiegemeyer (July, paper; $2.49; ISBN 978-0-7586-2581-6); Jonah, the Runaway Prophet by Larry Burgdorf (July, paper; $2.49; ISBN 978-0-7586-2582-3); Once Upon a Clear Dark Night by Michelle Medlock Adams and Jeff Burkart (July, paper; $2.49; ISBN 978-0-7586-2579-3); in Spanish: El Prudente y El Insensato 6pk by Larry Burgdorf and Cecilia Fernández (Aug., paper; $2.49; ISBN 978-0-7586-3069-8); Jesus Resucita a Una Nina by Joanne Bader and Cecilia Fernández (Aug., paper; $2.49; ISBN 978-0-7586-3066-7); La Parabola de La Oveja Perdida by Claire Miller and Cecilia Fernández (Aug., paper; $2.49; ISBN 978-0-7586-3065-0); Los Doce Disipulos by Kelly Skipworth and Cecilia Fernández (Aug., paper; $2.49; ISBN 978-0-7586-3068-1); Moises y La Serpiente de Bronce by Greg Hyatt and Cecilia Fernández (Aug., paper; $2.49; ISBN 978-0-7586-3067-4), ages 5-9.

Wm. B. Eerdmans

Saints: Lives and Illuminations by Ruth Sanderson (Sept., paper; $14; ISBN 978-0-8028-5402-5) brings together for the first time in combined picture book format all of the saint stories in Sanderson's two previous books, Saints and More Saints; ages 8-12.

The Jesse Tree by Geraldine McCaughrean, illus. by Bee Willey (Sept., paper; $15; ISBN 978-0-8028-5403-2). As Mr. Butterfield carves a Jesse Tree in an old dusty church, he explains the various symbols to a curious young boy, retelling the familiar tales that trace the lineage of Christ; ages 4-8.

Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Becoming Me: A Story of Creation by Martin Boroson, illus. by Christopher Gilvan-Cartwright (Oct., paper; $8.95; ISBN 978-1-84780-275-0) presents a way of looking at life and the meaning of existence, based on timeless spiritual insights; ages 6-9.

Harvest House Publishers

A Young Man's Guide to Making Right Choices: Your Life God's Way by Jim George (Aug., paper; $10.99; ISBN 978-0-7369-3025-3) helps boys to gain the skills they need for facing all life's challenges; ages 12-up.

The Awesome Book of Bible Stories for Kids: What If... *Samson was your PE teacher? *David vs. Goliath was on TV? *Moses had a GPS? by Sandy Silverthorne (Aug., paper; $8.99; ISBN 978-0-7369-2923-3) pairs biblical accounts with contemporary technology and culture; ages 6-12.

Good Manners for a Little Princess by Kelly Chapman, illus. by Tammie Lyon (July, $12.99; ISBN 978-0-7369-3723-8). Caroline and her friends are transported to Miss Lily's Princess Prep School to learn about manners, true friendship, serving others, and living by the Golden Rule; ages 3-8.

Good Manners for a Little Warrior by Kelly Chapman, illus. by Jeff Ebbeler (July, $12.99; ISBN 978-0-7369-3724-5). Luke and his friends are transported to a time of knights and good manners; ages 4-8.

Kar-Ben Publishing

Green Bible Stories for Children by Tami Lehman-Wilzig, illus. by Durga Yael Bernhard (Sept., $17.95; ISBN 978-0-7613-5135-1; paper; $7.95; ISBN 978-0-7613-5136-8) retells the stories of Noah, Abraham, Joshua, and others and reinforces those biblical stories with activities to nurture and protect the environment; ages 8 -11.

Candle Books (dist. by Kregel Publications)

Bedtime Bible Stories by Tim Dowley, illus. by Stephanie McFetridge Britt (July, $9.99; ISBN 978-1-85985-918-6) retells Bible stories featuring children and includes a question and prayer at the end of each story; ages 2-4.

Candle Library—Bible Animals by Juliet David, illus. by Steve Smallman (July, $7.99; ISBN 978-1-85985-886-8) is a set of six individual board books in a slipcase, retelling familiar Bible stories through the eyes of the animals involved; ages 3-5.

My Little Bible by Karen Williamson, illus. by Amanda Enright (July, $9.99; ISBN 978-1-85985-911-7) updates this Bible for preschoolers with fresh illustrations; ages 3-5.

Noah Jigsaw Book by Juliet David, illus. by Sarah Pitt (July, $11.99; ISBN 978-1-85985-885-1) retells this much-loved Bible story and includes six nine-piece jigsaw puzzles built into the pages; ages 3-5.


Morality for Muggles: Ethics in the Bible and in the World of Harry Potter by Moshe Rosenberg (Aug., $12.95; ISBN 978-1-60280-183-7) explores the moral and ethical questions faced by Harry Potter and his friends through the prisms of the Jewish Bible and Jewish law; ages 9-18.


(dist. by Trafalgar Square Publishing/IPG)

The Lion Classic Bible by Andrea Skevington, illus. by Sophy Williams (Sept., $16.99; ISBN 978-0-7459-6106-4). The great narrative of the Bible is retold in 12 evocative chapters with full-page, pastel-colored pictures; ages 7-9.

I Can Say a Prayer by Sophie Piper, illus. by Emily Bolam (Oct., $12.99; ISBN 978-0-7459-6233-7) includes the perfect prayer for any time of day or night, ages 3-5.

I Imagine: A Child's Book of Prayers by Rachel Rivett, illus. by Mique Moriuchi (Oct., $12.99; ISBN 978-0-7459-6208-5) explores the connections with nature a child might find in times of emotional need; ages 5-7.

A Gift for a Little Child's Baptism by Sophie Piper, illus. by Caroline Williams (Oct., $14.99; ISBN 978-0-7459-6251-1) offers a selection of modern and traditional blessings touching on the values that a grownup wishes for every newly baptized child; ages under 3.

Marshall Cavendish/Shofar

Many Days, One Shabbat by Fran Manushkin, illus. by Maria Monescillo (Oct., $12.99; ISBN 978-0-7614-5965-1) depicts a family as they prepare to celebrate Shabbat; ages 3-8.


Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha by Anne E. Neuberger, illus. by Kevin Davidson (Oct., paper; $8.95; ISBN 978-2-89646-374-9) tells the story of Blessed Kateri, patron of the environment and ecology, who lost her family and her eyesight during a smallpox epidemic; ages 8-12.


(dist. by PGW/Perseus Books Group)

Steps and Stones: An Anh's Anger Story by Gail Silver, illus. by Christiane Krömer (Oct., $16.95; ISBN 978-1-935209-87-4) will help children learn to understand the causes of their own strong emotions and teach them peaceful ways to resolve difficulties through mindfulness and meditation; ages 6-11.

Penguin/Grosset & Dunlap


My First adds My First Angels by Tomie dePaola (Oct., $5.99; ISBN 978-0-448-45689-8); ages 3-5.


The All-Seeing Boy and the Blue Sky of Happiness by Nick Kettles, illus. by Serena Sax Hallam (Sept., $16.95; ISBN 978-1-55939-371-3). When the all-seeing boy meets the mysterious hobo Jason Carper, Esquire, he learns about the blue sky of happiness and our inherent, somewhat magical ability to bring happiness to others; ages 9-12.

Thames & Hudson

Lives of the Great Spiritual Leaders by Henry Whitbread (Sept., $19.95; ISBN 978-0-500-51578-5) offers an illustrated introduction to some of the most influential spiritual leaders the world has ever known; ages 9-12.

Thomas Nelson

Gabby, God's Little Angel by Sheila Walsh (Sept., $14.99; ISBN 978-1-4003-1715-8). Gabby, a guardian angel in training, is assigned to protect a young girl named Sophie in this start of a new series; ages 3- 7.

There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones (Oct., paper; $12.99; ISBN 978-1-59554-5404). In a small cottage house in rural Ireland, Finley discovers she can no longer outrun the past even as she hopes to get some answers from the God who took her brother away; ages 12-up.

A Pumpkin Prayer by Amy Parker (Sept., $8.99; ISBN 978-1-4003-1823-0) celebrates the abundance of the harvest season through illustrations and rhymes; ages 1-5.

Heaven Is for Real for Kids by Todd and Sonja Burpo (Nov., $14.99; ISBN 978-1-4003-1870-4) is a four-color children's adaptation of the bestselling Heaven Is for Real. Children will learn what heaven is like; ages 4-8.


No Place Like Holmes adds The Future Door (Dec., paper; $9.99; ISBN 978-1-4003-1730-1); ages 8-12.

Tyndale House

Bible Stories for Preschoolers by Monika Kustra, illus. by Andrzej Chalecki, adapted by Betty Free Swanberg (Sept., $16.99; ISBN 978-1-4143-3964-1) is written by a team of preschool church education experts to make the Bible come alive for young children; ages 4-8.


Backyard Horses by Dandi Daley Mackall adds Cowboy Colt (Sept., paper; $5.99; ISBN 978-1-4143-3917-7), in which Ellie's best friend, Colt, goes through a tough time; Horse Dreams (Sept., paper; $5.99; ISBN 978-1-4143-3916-0), in which Ellie finds out how God has heard her prayer about getting a beautiful horse; ages 8-12.

TJ and the Time Stumblers by Bill Myers continues with Oops! (Sept., paper; $6.99; ISBN 978-1-4143-3455-4), in which TJ Finkelstein learns the importance of speaking and thinking well of people; Ho-Ho-NOOO! (Sept., paper; $6.99; ISBN 978-1-4143-3456-1), in which TJ learns the real meaning of Christmas; ages 8-12.


Heaven, God's Promise for Me by Anne Graham Lotz, illus. by Laura J. Bryant (Aug., $10.99; ISBN 978-0-310-71601-3) offers an inspiring view of the joys and comforts of heaven; ages 4-7.

S Is for Snowman by Kathy-jo Wargin, illus. by Richard G. Johnson (Aug., $9.99; ISBN 978-0-310-71661-7) relates the alphabet to the scenes and family activities of winter; ages 4-7.

God's Story, Your Story: Youth Edition by Max Lucado (Sept., paper; $8.99; ISBN 978-0-310-72546-6). Lucado's newest book for teens uses New Testament stories, modern-day examples, and anecdotes from the adult title of the same name to help teen readers see the God-planned story in their lives; ages 13-16.


Nature of God by Peter Schriemer begins with Ocean Adventures (Aug., $16.99; ISBN 978-0-310-72141-3) including a 15-minute DVD; Wilderness Discoveries (Aug., $16.99; ISBN 978-0-310-72142-0) includes a 15-minute DVD; ages 4-8.

I Can Read!/Made by God adds Barnyard Critters (July, paper; $2.99; ISBN 978-0-310-72189-5); Curious Creatures Down Under (July, paper; $2.99; ISBN 978-0-310-72187-1); Forest Friends (July, paper; $2.99; ISBN 978-0-310-72190-1); Jungle Beasts (July, paper; $2.99; ISBN 978-0-310-72191-8); Polar Pals (July, paper; $2.99; ISBN 978-0-310-72188-8); ages 4-7.

I Can Read!/Dennis Jones adds Jonah, God's Messenger: Biblical Values by Dennis Jones (Oct., paper; $2.99; ISBN 978-0-310-71835-2); ages 4-7.