The white smoke had barely cleared following the announcement of the election of Pope Francis on Wednesday when Image Books announced the first Pope Francis book, to be published April 30. The as yet untitled book will be written by Robert Moynihan, founder and editor of Inside the Vatican, a monthly Catholic news magazine based in Rome. The hardcover book promises a look at the spiritual vision and teachings of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, the prelate elected pope by his fellow cardinals.

Gary Jansen, editor at Image, the Catholic-interest imprint of Random House, said in a statement that the election of the first Latin American pope “means a bridging of the Northern and Southern hemispheres in a way we’ve never seen and signifies a new global vision for the 1.2 billion people who call themselves Catholic.”

Moynihan is also the author of Let God’s Light Shine Forth: The Spiritual Vision of Pope Benedict XVI (Image, 2006) and appears in the media as a commentator on Vatican affairs.