The second entrant in the new Pope book sweepstakes is Ignatius Press, which on March 21 announced the forthcoming publication of Francis, Pope of a New World by Andrea Tornielli, a biography to release April 30. The $19.95 hardcover will draw from the statements and writings of the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, including material from right before the conclave in which he was elected pope.

Tornielli is a journalist who works for the Italian paper LaStampa, contributes to its Vatican Insider project, and writes the popular blog Sacri Palazzi. The Catholic publisher Ignatius, based in San Francisco, has an extensive list of publications by popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

In other papal publishing news, Image Books, which earlier announced a book about the new pope to be written by Robert Moynihan, said its book would be titled Pray for Me: The Life and Spiritual Vision of Pope Francis, First Pope From the Americas. It is also set for an April 30 release.